COVID-19 Measures for re-opening

Last updated 12/09/2021

We are finally fully open once more!


We will be fully reopened for full band rehearsals (max 6) from July 19th

Hello 2021, its been way too long! We are delighted to be able to open for solo and duo sessions from MONDAY 10th MAY 2021
We hope to be able to announce a return to full band rehearsals shortly once we have clearer guidance.


We are open from December 1st for Solo sessions or group sessions from the one household only

26/10/20 - We are currently closed during Level 5 restrictions

18/09/20 - Solo Sessions only - 7 days a week!
Due to level 3 restrictions in Dublin, we can only offer solo sessions to keep within the guidelines. If there is a change in restrictions we will post updates here and on Facebook. Thanks for your support. Come and practice on your own!

We have had to take several new measures and changes to how we operate to ensure a pleasant and safe experience for all. Below is a rundown of most of the new systems in place:

1. Staggered Start & Finish Times: We are limiting the amount of rooms that can start and finish at the same time, to reduce numbers in reception and corridors. We need everyone to co-operate with this by arriving and finishing on time as per your booking.
2. Limiting Occupancy: We are only allowing one band session per day, per room. This limits our occupancy capabilities, but it ensures we have the time to adequately clean rooms.
3. Cleaning Measures: We will be focused on cleaning high touch areas of each studio, such as microphones and stands and amplifier and PA knobs and switches. Please continue to wash your hands regularly.
4. Microphones: We will no longer supply 2 microphones per room as standard. Mics must be booked on request to an absolute maximum of 4. We need to keep the quantities to be able to rotate them, so we have time to clean properly. If you require any more, you will need to bring your own. We have a limited supply of pop shields available for purchase if you would like the extra comfort of one on your microphone.
5. Cashless: We are encouraging cashless transactions where possible. All sessions can be paid for in advance of your session. You will be sent a payment link after your booking is confirmed. If you still need to pay cash, please leave the exact amount in the studio at the end of the night.
6. Snacks & Drinks: We have added tea & coffee facilities, a fridge of drinks and selection of snacks to all rooms. This is to limit the amount of social interactions in the rest of the studio. All these items can be purchased online (or exact cash left in room) and instructions are at every station.
7. Security: All studios are now accessible by PIN only. You will be provided with a pin with your booking confirmation. This increased security measure gives you the peace of mind that no one else has been in your room unknown to yourself or staff after cleaning.
8. Hygiene: Please ensure you and your band members wash or sanitise your hands before entry. A hand sanitiser is positioned inside the main door. Please use it! If you or any of your band members are feeling sick. We do not want you to attend our studios. Please cancel your session. There will be no cancellation fee, no matter how late the notice.

We hope you will appreciate all these extra measures we have put in place for your safety and comfort. It is the result of significant time and investment, but we think it is time and money well spent for the benefit of all our loyal customers. We thank you once again for all your support and hope to see you soon!


Studio details & max numbers to allow for social distancing